Injury Attorney Louisville Ky

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Injury Attorney Louisville Ky

With thousands of accidents happening every day on the US roads, we can safely say that the safety records are far than perfect. Fortunately, if we can say so, Winton & Hiestand Law Group can assist in case of accidents and if you are looking for an excellent lawyer to take over your case.

Is it worth it to hire a personal injury attorney in Louisville, KY?

For a mild concussion, you may not need an attorney, but if you suffered a severe bodily injury, it is worth to consult an injury lawyer. There are certain types of accidents where a qualified attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Even if you are not sure what to do, it is still worth to get a consultation, especially if you found yourself in one of the below cases:

  • You suffered a severe injury – if your wounds lead to long-term hospitalization or even a temporary or permanent disability, you need our help. We have the knowledge and experience to calculate how much your injury is worth, and we will follow up all kind of compensations available.
  • Unclear liability – in an accident involving multiple parties, it’s often unclear who is liable for your injuries. Dealing with the insurance companies in such cases will also be tough, since you also may be subject to another insurance company claim.
  • Refusal to pay – if for any reason the insurance company is refusing or delaying to make the settlement, we would advise you to contact us with no delay. We will negotiate with them on your behalf the ensure the fast release of your compensation.

When dealing with insurance companies, you should remember that they have specialists to deal with your case, in a rather unfair way. You should also have an expert injury attorney in Louisville, KY to negotiate your issues with them.

Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer

An accident is already a life-changing event, and you don’t need additional troubles following up with the insurance. You shall focus on your recovery while we will do the background work:

  • Taking it up with the insurance companies involved win your accident
  • Ensuring the best available medical treatment for you
  • Documenting and proceeding with the court case if necessary
  • Representing you in the court
  • Increasing the compensation in case of personal injury
  • No attorney fees until you do not receive your payment in full

How to hire a good injury attorney in Louisville, KY?

You have to start your search by asking your family and friends for a referral, or by doing an online search on the local bar directory. When meeting with the potential attorney, you should ask him for how long he practiced, and now many similar cases he successfully handled.

You should also ask who will handle your case and what will be the fees. At Winton & Hiestand Law Group, we will respond openly to all of your questions and queries. Have confidence that our lawyers will win your case because they will!

Injury Attorney Louisville Ky

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