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 Getting charged with DUI is a severe situation which can lead to problems in your personal and professional life! When facing a serious situation such as this, you’ll want the best to handle your case, and the Hurwitz Law Group offers just that! Our experienced DUI lawyer in Los Angeles can help you navigate through the legal process in order to get the best deal possible.

Do I need a DUI lawyer for my first offense?

Although the penalties for a first offense DUI are not very steep, if there was an accident or injury involved, it can change the entire tone of the process. In California, you will qualify for a first offense if you haven’t had a DUI in the past ten years. If there was no accident, damage, or injury, then it‘ll most likely be considered a misdemeanor. This will include penalties such as $1000 in fines, probation, and up to six months in jail. You will also lose your license for at least six months.

Now if your DUI charge includes property damage, vehicle accidents, injury, or death, then you will be facing a much more difficult situation. You’ll need to get a lawyer right away to ensure that your best interests are taken care of and avoid any mistakes that may occur during the process. 

How can a DUI lawyer help me?

Working with an experienced DUI lawyer in Los Angeles will help guide you through the legal process and work hard to get you the best deal possible. When you have more than one DUI, or you’ve been in an accident that involves property damage, injury, or death, then you will need an attorney who can best represent you in court and negotiate with the prosecutor.

A good DUI lawyer will know the local courts inside and out. They have working relationships with the prosecutors and judges and know what they will be looking for. They will be able to advise when to talk and when to remain silent, as well as inform you of what to expect following the verdict.

When should I hire a DUI lawyer?

It’s always best to get legal representation right away whenever you are facing any kind of misdemeanor or felony charges. The first thing the lawyer will do is go over the evidence and assist you while in questioning. This way, they can gather all the information they need to represent you while bargaining with the prosecutor or if the case goes to trial. A good DUI lawyer in Los Angeles will also make sure that all the proper paperwork is filed on time and keeps you informed of the progress.

Your freedom is not something you should take lightly, and having a professional law expert by your side during your most challenging time can help melt a lot of stress away. The lawyers at Hurwitz Law Group have the experience you’re looking for and will fight to make sure you will receive a just treatment!

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