Corporate Immigration Services

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Corporate Immigration Services

When working with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers you will find one of the best corporate immigration services in the area, with a team of experts exclusively dedicated to guide and sustain you, your company, and your family members. The “immigration services near me” Google searches have come to an end, as the sometimes complicated process of immigration will be a much more comfortable situation with our help. Based in Atlanta, we grant legal services in matters regarding green cards, citizenship, and protection against deportation. 

You can find many different kinds of legal advisors, but there is a difference in the level of empathy and support you can get from us, a team filled with immigrants who have endured the same things, and overcame them just to help you out. This way, you can look around and see the premier assorted group of individuals with expertise and experience that can be shown in our multiple cases and successes. You can get comfortable knowing you will be in the hands of a group of professionals with more than 100 years of knowledge in immigration law and have secured more than 1000 approvals. 

Top legal services at affordable fees

You don’t need to worry about your finances, because we work on a flat fee basis, this way you can plan and make sure everything works beforehand; also knowing we have various payment plans possible so you will experience the best service in the least troubling way. 

Moreover, our great channels of communication allow us to stay in permanent touch with you regarding your process for any doubts, inquiries, or last-minute fix-ups. All of your messages will get an answer within 24 business hours. This is the way an unsurpassed immigrant attorney handles your business. 

In what do we specialize?

We work with three general programs: Family and Individual Immigration, Business and Corporation Immigration, and finally General Immigration Needs. In Family and Individual Immigration, we work with cases such as family-based green cards, K-1 and K-3 fiancé and spouse visas, naturalization, and deportation defense. With Business and Corporation Immigration, we work with employment-based green cards, corporate service visas, investors and business owners, perm labor certifications, and more. Finally, in General, Immigration Needs, there are a variety of services we grant regarding asylum, request for additional evidence, crimes and admissibility, and lastly immigrant vs non-work visas. 

Expert immigration services

Finding someone who will specialize in immigration law is vital for your case, since there is so much information and changing legislations, that not being advised by the top tier attorneys can result in your case being denied, and for families, this can cause a very vulnerable and stressful situation. The statistic indicates that 40% of immigration cases are denied or delayed, that is why it’s your priority for your case to be dealt with in the best way possible with one of the teams with the best approval rates in the state. 

Helping immigration cases allows us to be part of a constant wave of culture and knowledge to be part of our nation, that is why not only as a group of individuals but as a company we understand the appeal in acknowledging and recruiting global communication and talent. It creates the best opportunities, a more diverse and open-minded team and it strengthens a company’s competitive haul. At Weinstock, we would like to offer the leading services for you to hire an immigration attorney from the best of the best available. And this is not exclusive, as we have worked for big companies and startups as well, presenting the preeminent legal advice for employers everywhere. 

Having someone understand the predicament you or your company are going through makes this legal procedure much more human and easy for you to understand, and that is what we offer. Not only years of experience and countless client testimonials, but a different approach that allows us to focus on your case and bring forward the best results. 

You’ve found the best immigration law firm near you; it’s time to contact us for a free immigration law consultation.

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Corporate Immigration Services

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